C-Pace for Developers

A game changer in sustainable development finance, C-PACE can fund up to 30% LTV in the capital stacks of value-add investments and new construction.
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C-PACE enables commercial property owners and developers to obtain financing for energy efficiency, water efficiency, renewable energy and resiliency measures.

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C-Pace for Retrofits

C-PACE provides 100% financing and eliminates hurdles that owners experience when implementing efficiency and resiliency upgrade projects on their operating assets.

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Petros PACE Finance, LLC is a national leader in the C-PACE marketplace, dedicated solely to providing long-term C-PACE financing to commercial property owners seeking to lower energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and increase property values. The leadership team has decades of executive-level experience in commercial lending and structured finance, with direct long-term institutional investor relationships. With billions in committed capital, Petros is able to close transactions in eligible C-PACE markets nationwide.

Benefits of Petros C-PACE Financing

100% financing of hard and soft costs with no out-of-pocket

Increases net operating income and property value

Fixed-rate financing with up to 30-year terms

Ability to recover as an operating expense

Displaces higher cost mezzanine and equity capital

Decreases utility and maintenance costs

Promotes economic development and urban revitalization

Facilitates sustainable building design

Lifetime Project Savings


Total Project Energy Savings (kWh)


Energy dollar savings for property owners, projected ($)


Total Project GHG Emissions Avoided (CO2e, metric tons)

Project Highlights

Madison Equities

Petros PACE Finance Helps Madison Equities Cut Energy & Operating Cost by 40%

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Madison Equities
Capitol District

Petros PACE Finance Provides $24.9 Million in C-PACE Financing for Omaha Redevelopment

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Capitol District
Heller Machine Tools

Petros PACE Finance Helps Manufacturer Lower Energy Costs by 23%

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Heller Machine Tools
Lincoln Sports Facility

Petros PACE Finance Helps Complete Manzitto's Complex Capital Stack

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Lincoln Sports Facility


Jim Crockarell

Principal of Madison Equities

"When we purchased this historical property last year, it was clear that we could make this class-A building substantially more energy-efficient. We feel a great responsibility to preserve the integrity of this landmark. Working with St. Paul Port Authority and Petros PACE Finance made this extensive revitalization undertaking a manageable process."

Keith Vandenkieboom

CEO of HELLER Machine Tools

"As a global company, we recognize the positive environmental impact we can have by retrofitting our facilities with energy-efficient upgrades. When ABM Building Solutions brought this new PACE tool to our attention and introduced us to Petros PACE Finance, we were happy to learn that our substantial retrofit project could take place without a large outlay of operating capital. It was an easy decision."

Mike Moylan

President of Shamrock Development

"It was great working with the Petros Pace Finance team. Their experience handling large C-PACE transactions is unparalleled. The PACE financing solution will provide long-term stability for our capital stack and it pays us back for a significant investment in energy efficiency throughout the Capitol District."

Our Core Values


Our leadership team’s 100+ years of combined experience in C-PACE, monetizing tax credits, and commercial lending means certainty of close for our clients.


We're growing quickly and we're taking our clients with us. With billions in committed capital, we can provide C-PACE financing ranging from $500,000 to $200 million or more.


We’ve earned the trust of our clients because we break barriers and execute efficiently. We’re defining the future of C-PACE every day.


We use private funds from committed institutional investors to promote environmental sustainability and economic development.