Capitol District Multifamily

  • Location: Omaha, Nebraska
  • PACE Eligible Measures: Comprehensive building envelope upgrade, Roof construction & thermal insulation, Domestic water fixtures, Elevators, Heat pumps, Efficient lighting with control
  • Apartment Building
    198,927 SF
    223 Units
    Built in 2018

Shamrock Development, Inc is an Omaha-based development company. They build quality, visionary commercial developments with a focus on enhancing the urban core of Omaha while incorporating longterm efficient designs.

Full Case Study
Mike Moylan
President of Shamrock Development

"It was great working with the Petros PACE Finance team. Their experience in handling large C-PACE transactions is unparalleled. The PACE financing solution will provide long-term stability for our capital stack, and it pays us back for a significant investment in energy efficiency throughout the Capitol District."